In Preparation

We are heading into week 5 at the University of Limerick and that means one thing, assignments and exams are beginning to roll in. Over the next couple of weeks we will begin to prepare for upcoming assignments and exams and I want to write about how I prepare for these things as a college student. 

The first exams are on their way as we head towards the midway point of our Spring semester and the first assignments of the semester have come and gone, with more deadlines coming soon. 

With so much beginning to happen it is so important to get out in front of things and be ready for everything. 

It is important to note any and all deadlines for assignments as some may slip out of your memory. I tend to use my phone as a way to record any upcoming assignment deadlines as I find it easier to keep notes on my phone more so than on paper. I find it hard to keep track of important pieces of paper when I need them so it is safer for me to keep them on my phone. For important lists I like to use the app Wunderlist, it is a handy little app that allows you to set reminders in advance so you don’t miss anything, though any app you use with reminders will work. 

I also like to keep working away for the semester by going back over lecture notes and slides, as well as any notes taken during tutorials. I try to go over them at the weekend after every week has passed, so I don’t have to do as much when I have assignments or exams due soon.

So that is my routine for upcoming exams and assignments, I think it is something very basic, but it works for me. Let me know if you do anything similar, and if not let me know what works for you, I’m interested to find out. 

The Alternative Experience

I am in my third year in the University of Limerick and having just completed my CoOp work placement I am now back at the college to finish off my third year, there has been a slight change in this semester and in this blog I am going to share my experience of this semester so far. 

In the current semester at in UL I am doing my alternative to Erasmus as I felt I needed to remain at home for personal reasons.

In the relatively short time I’ve been here this semester I’ve learned a lot and would like to share a few experiences I’ve had so far.

  1. Putting together your own timetable is difficult.

I found it tough to pick subjects I thought I would like, that I would do well in and more importantly, wouldn’t clash with other lectures, tutorials or labs in any other subject and I found this to be the most difficult thing to do.

2. Balancing Subjects

I found it difficult to balance subjects that I thought I would like, with ones that I felt I could get a good enough grade in by the end of the semester. I found it tough to choose between modules I thought I would like, but may be challenging, with modules I felt more confident in.

3. Dealing with full modules.

Unfortunately in the early part of picking my subjects I found that three modules I had originally chosen were not able to take me for their own reasons, full classes were the main reason. This meant I needed to choose three substitute modules and make them fit in my timetable with the two I had locked in. This proved very challenging but eventually I was able to come to a solution.

My early weeks in the semester have been a massively different experience than I am used to in the university, but it has been exciting and new. I am taking loads of fun new modules for the semester and have picked some that I have been interested in for so long. If you would like, I hopefully I will be able to update you on how the semester progresses in an upcoming blog post. Let me know what you think.